ERPUG stands for European Road Profile Users’ Group. We are a non-profit association established in 2012. VTI in Linköping, Sweden is hosting the administration of ERPUG

Vision and mission 

ERPUG has the ambition as a source for knowledge and information on functional characteristics of traveled surfaces and acts as a forum for the exchange of information between equipment and data providers, road owners researchers and other stakeholders.

ERPUG is a forum for the dissemination of knowledge concerning measurement methods and equipment, data collection, analysis, and application of information relating to functional characteristics of road surfaces.


The objectives of ERPUG are:

  • Exchange ideas and information in an informal setting.
  • Provide a forum for the manufactures of equipment, data collectors, planning-, design- and construction engineers, researchers and end-users of data such as road owners and managers.
  • Provide a forum for discussion of research and standardization.
  • Explore the latest initiatives and innovations the group's area of interest 
  • Create and maintain a network of personal and professional relationships.