Advisory Board

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Picture of Leif Sj�gren 

Leif Sjögren, Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI)

Function: Senior research leader, Chairman of the board ERPUG
Phone: +46 13 20 43 59 220-801
Mobile phone:+46 70 321 8275 


Roger Möller, Sweden 
Function: Responsible for vendors and organisation ERPUG
Mobile phone: +46 73 181 7210


Thomas Lundberg, Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI) 
Function: Research engineer,  member of the organising committee ERPUG
Phone: +46 13 20 43 95
Mobile phone +46 70 688 88 71 


Christian Nilsson, Ramboll RST, Sweden
Function: Lead Consultant, Member of the organising committee ERPUG
Phone: +46 10 615 55 36
Mobile phone +46 73 841 02 51 


Bjarne Schmidt, ARRB Systems AB, Europe
Function: Principal Engineer
Mobile phone: +46 763 43 6060 



Manfred Haider, Transport Infrastructure Technologies, Austria
Function: Senior engineer
Phone: +43 50 550 6256
Mobile phone +43 664 815 7971 


Alex Wright, Technology Development and QA, TRL Ltde, United Kingdom
Function: Group Manager
Phone: +44 13 447 70265
Mobile phone: +44 791 764 8206


Fredrik Lindström, Swedish Transport Administration

Function: National Coordinator for the condition of paved roads
Phone: +46 10 124 2992 
Mobile phone:+46


Richard Wix, ARRB Group Ltd, Australia
Function: Principal Consultant
Mobile phone: +61 3 988 1636


Gerardo Flintsch, Virginia Tech, USA
Function: Professor and Director of the Center for Sustainable Transportation Infrastructure
Phone: +1 540 231 9748
Mobile phone:+1 540 998 9227