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ERPUG 2019 Presentations, Vilnius, Lithuania

The beautiful city of Vilnius hosted the seventh ERPUG with 115 people from 26 countries.  All presentations are available below. 

0 ERPUG 2019 Intro Leif Sjögren, VTI, SE  
0 Measurements on Lithuanian State Road Network Evaldas Petrikas, LRA, LT;  
1 Experience of road pavement noise level and skid resistance measurement in Lithuania Audrius Vatikus, VGTU, LT  
2 Collaboration in Developing a Pavement Management Regime Chris Newson, AgileAssets, UK  
3 How Quality Control Management is Key to Millions of Kilometers of Pavement Data Lauren Tran, Pathway Services, US  
4 Automated identification of surface types and objects in the road surrounding from mobile mapping data Markus Leidinger, Fraunhofer, DE  
5 Pavement management at Rijkswaterstaat Frank Bouman, RWS, NL  
6 Monitoring and testing need for road asset maintenance management Carl van Geem, BRCC, BE  
7 Digital approaches in monitoring long function-based contracts for roads in Swedens Richard Nilsson, Skanska, SE  
8 Key performance indicators for pavement condition Niels Skov Dujardin, Danish RD, DK  
9 HAMMER; Explore a new angle of route planning/asset management using road data and mobile sensors Christian Nilsson, Ramboll, SE  
10 Understanding User’s Experience of Ride Quality and its Relationship with Profile Alex Wright, TRL, UK  
11 Compact Road Surface Characterizations Using an Orthonormal Basis John Ferris, Virginia Tech, US  
12 Prediction models for IRI and rut depth Olle Ericsson, VTI, SE  
13 Update on the introduction of the TSD in Germany  Dirk Jansen, BASt, DE  
14 An example of how to use deflection measurements collected with the Dynatest RAPTOR® to plan road maintenance Iacopo Malquori, Dynatest, Italy  
15 Using cloud data to visualise network hotspots Chad Murnane, ARRB Systems, Australia  
16 Estimating Fatigue and Rutting Strain from Traffic Speed Deflectometer measurements Leif Grønskov, Greenwood, Denmark  
17 First experiences regarding the reference sections on the duraBASt Christian Gottaut, BASt, DE  
18 Validation Multi Purpose Measurement Vehicle Eelke Vromans, KIWA, NL  
19 Advanced Pavement Data Acquisition Using High-Resolution Stereoscopic Imaging at Highway Speeds Matthew Connelly-Taylor, FUGRO, CA  
20 The ViaTech experience Henri Giudici, Håvard Farstad, VIATECH, NO  
21 Implementation of the new Danish Friction tester Michael Jørgensen, Danish RD, DK  
22 News about Swedish trials with the TSD and Raptor Roger Nilsson, SKANSKA, SE  
23 Automated pavement surveys on French airports Marion Dewilde, STAC, FR  
24 3D Sidewalk inspection John Laurent, Pavemetrics, US  
25 EU Benchmark and Deep Learning on cracking-data Willem van Aalst, TNO, NL  
26 The SINA company experience with surface defects and methods Michele Moori, SINA, IT  
27 Road Infrastructure Analysis Andreas Grossman, Ginger Lehmann + Partner, DE  
28 Pavement Distress Detection Using Advanced Machine Learning Methods wit Matthew Connelly-Taylor, FUGRO, CA  
29 Beyond Cracking for Fully Automated Distress Survey with Sub-mm 3D Technology Kelvin Wang, Oklahoma State University Corporation, Waylink, US  
30 Objective measurement of surface defects and cracks Thomas Lundberg/ Christian Glantz, VTI/Ramboll, SE