ERPUG 2018 Presentations, Madrid, Spain

The beautiful city of Madrid hosted the sixth ERPUG forum with 98 people from over 20 countries. All presentations are available below. 

Check som photos from Madrid HERE

1 Integrated Strategic Planning in Indonesia James Robertson, Agile Assets, UK  
2 The PIARC road monitoring report Margo Briessinck, Agency for Roads and Traffic, Belgium   
3 US Pavement Performance Measures and Support Activities Andy Mergenmeier, FHWA, US
4 Round robin tests in the Netherlands Arco BlankenRijkswaterstaat, Marius Nagelhout, Asset.Insight, Netherlands  
5 Findings of Network-Level Continuous Friction and Texture Measurements in the United States Edgar David de Lèon lzeppi, Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, US  
6 New and renewed measures related to pavement surface texture and the potential applications
Ulf Sandberg, VTI, Sweden  
7 RMT3: status on unique laser scanning system of road marking geometry Christian Nilsson, Ramboll, Sweden  
8 LCMS-2, hardware and software improvements made possible for using full 1mm resolution 3D pavement images Johan Laurent, Pavemetrics, Canada
9 A Spatial Approach to Multi-Year Cracking Analysis Scott Mathison, Pathway services, US  
10 Fully Automated Cracking Survey based on Deep-Learning:
A Status Report and Future Direction

Kelvin Wang, WayLink, US  
11 Pavement Profile Scanner data in condition Assessment Maximilian Sesselmann, Lehmann + Partner, Germany  
12 A new indicator for ride comfort condition Pertti Virtala, Destia, Finland
13 Predicting rutting and fatigue cracking using the Greenwood Traffic Speed Deflectometer Christoffer Peder Nielsen, Greenwood, Denmark
14 Functional and structural pavement assessment: Getting the full picture in a single pass
Garry Warren, ARRB, Australia  
15 Boeing Bump Index for Airfield Pavement Smoothness and Roughness (Secret) Injun Song, NAVFAC Engineering and Expeditionary Warfare Center, US  
16 Status of new roughness index development for in-service airport pavement Al Larkin, FAA Airport Technology, US  
17 Experiences on the characterization of pavement surfaces Michele Mori, SINA, Italy
18 The ViaTech experience Håvard Farstad, ViaTech, Norway  
19 Road profiling using laser scanner Jani Irvankoski, Roadscanners, Finland