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ERPUG 2023 Presentations, Athens, Greece
The historical city of Athens hosted the tenth anniversary of ERPUG, with 129 people from 28 countries.
1 Welcome to Greece Christina Plati, National Technical University of Greece
2 Elastic Response Analysis of Pavements – Performance Prediction Sigurdur Erlingsson, VTI
3 Collecting network-level pavement structural capacity and blurring the line between network and project-level pavement asset management, Gerardo Flintsch, VTTI
4 Combining deflection measurements with high-quality surface images David Malgren Hansen DRD
5 Implementation of structural data in the maintenance of national roads in Norway Per Otto Aursand, Norwegian Roads Administration
6 The introduction of the Pavement Surface Cracking Index (PSCI) for automatic distress computation. Which benefits? Umberto Pinori, Dynatest
7 Evaluation of homogeneity and air void content of new asphalt using GPR in Norway and Sweden Martin Wiström, Ramboll
8 A New Way to Visualize, Analyze, Log and Remove Data Louis Evind, DRD
9 Relationship measured passenger acceleration and road roughness on urban and low-speed roads
Steve Karamihas, UMTRI
10 Development of new performance models for the Danish Road network Natasja Nielsen, DRD
11 Human-centred evaluation of expressway surfaces focusing on mental stress of road users with bio signals, Kazuya Tomiyama Kitami Institute
12 Improvements of PCI John Laurent, Pavemetrics
13 Case studies showcasing the value of comprehensive measurements used for pavement condition evaluation Bjarne Schmidt, ARRB Systems
14 Profile measurements errors Steve Karamihas, UMTRI
15 Reimagine Reality Raphael Goudard, Leica Geosystems
16 High-frequency road monitoring using connected vehicles Matteo Pettinari, NIRA Dynamics
17 Sustainable municipal maintenance planning with connected vehicle data Kristin Eklöf,
18 Practical experiences in the creation of road parameters with RIEGL mobile laser scanning system Harald Teufelsbauer, RIEGL Nina Heiska Nordic Geo Center
19 Submillimeter resolution pavement scans at up to 100 km/h Athinodoros Klipfel, Automation Technology
20 From pixel to pavement Tamas Safar, Leica Geosystems
21 All speed profiler Everett Schimtz, Pathway Services
22 INFRACOMS methodology for appraisal of emerging technologies explained by examples Carl Van Geem BBRC
23 AI and its potential impact on future pavement evaluations Kelvin C.P Wang, Montana University
24 Measurement of speed humps Lars Ørum, DRD
25 Digital twins of road infrastructure on a network scale Pawel Choromanski, EyeVi
26 Cycle path condition monitoring techniques Michael Neiminen, ICC
27 Digitizing bike lanes for Bike PMS Kris De Meester, Xenomatix
28 Comprehensive analysis of walkway pavements: opportunities and challenges of 3D measurement and user-based evaluation Kazuya Tomiyama Kitami Institute
29 Evenness, texture and comfort measurements on bicycle lanes Carl Van Geem BBRC
30 Bicycle paths data collection system Edgar de León Izeppi, VTTI
31 Standard requirements for friction on bike paths, is it worth it? Iacopo Malquori Kiwa KOAC B.V.
32 ERPUG 2024, Equipment evaluation at duraBASt etc. Roger Möller, Leif Sjögren, Thomas Lundberg, ERPUG

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