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ERPUG 2022 Presentations, Edinburgh, Scotland
The beautiful city of Edinburgh hosted the ninth ERPUG, with 126 people from 24 countries.
2 Welcome to Edinburgh and Scotland Sean Gilchrist, Edinburgh City
3 Asset management of roads James Robertson, TRIMBLE / Agile Assets
4 IRI, Golden Car parameters, and speed Steve Karamihas, UMTRI
5 Collaboration in Developing a Pavement Management Regime Paul Constable, Pathway Services
7 Research on the usage of AI for road inspection and mobile mapping Emil Vincent Ancker, Dynatest
8 Automated identification of surface types and objects in the road surrounding from mobile mapping data Sander Sein, EyeVi
9 Augmentation of inertial profilers for operation during braking and stops Steve Karamihas, UMTRI
10 Evenness of newly laid pavements in England Alex Wright. TRL
1 Cycle ways condition and the project Cycle ways riding comfort Anna Niska, VTI
2 Bicycle paths: condition assessment and extension of European surface characteristics standards Carl van Geem BRRC
3 Cycle paths comfort measurements in the Netherlands Eelke Vromans, KIWA Koac
4 On the way to a systematic evaluation of urban cycle paths conditions and quality Torsten Merkens, FH Aachen University
5 Cycle ways and its condition in US Edgar de León Izeppi, VTTI
6 New single sensor designed for the municipal market and for integration with mobile mapping systems John Laurent, Pavemetrics
7 A success story of stakeholder engagement for asset management Everett Schmitz, Pathway Services
8 Benefits and challenges of combined data collection. A 200.000 km experience Fredrik Lindström Swedish Transport Administration
9 Assessing real-time and evolving road condition through crowd sourced vehicle information Alan Ferguson, Traffic Scotland
10 NCCs management of design-build contracts John Lundström, NCC
11 Norwegian road maintenance, an overview Dagfinn Gryeselv, The Norwegian Public Roads Administration
12 Data-driven road maintenance planning: a follow-up study of the Swedish road network Kristin Eklöf,
13 Viscoelastic back calculations on demand: a New era is here Leif Grønskov, Greenwood Engineering
14 Data quality of comprehensive road condition measurements based on repeatability tests Bjarne Schmidt, ARRB Systems
15 Structural data as a natural part of a PMS-system Martin Wiström, Ramboll
16 IRIS 20 - Integrated system for comprehensive road analyses Andreas Grossmann, Ginger Lehmann + Partner
17 High-resolution 3D point cloud data to the city of Vilnius using LIDAR Andrius Aponas. LiMAP
1 Managing carbon footprint reduction, safety, and maintenance by using Mobileye data for linear infrastructure Mortitz Hegmann, Mobil Eye and Dirk Ebersbasch Via-IMC
2 How to augment your road survey strategy with the next-level road LiDAR? Kris De Meester, Xenomatix
3 Rectification and Stitching of Pavement Images for Area Surveys Michael Nieminen, International Cybernetics
4 AI, Deep-Learning based fully automated one-pass process Kelvin Wang, Oklahoma State University, Waylink
5 AI, Deep-learning techniques for monitoring pavements Ronald Roberts, Université Gustave Eiffel
6 Application of 3D pavement evenness for its structural evaluation Emmanuel Delaval, Cerema

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