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Welcome to ERPUG 

The purpose of the European Road Profile Users’ Group (ERPUG) is to serve as a forum for exchangeing information between end users, data collectors, vendors, construction and design engineers and researchers who have an interest in collecting and using road surface profiles; in order to characterize road surface properties such as road evenness, rutting, and pavement textures.

ERPUG 2017, 19-20 October, Madrid, Spain

Thanks to all who helped us make ERPUG 2016 and the days in Prague to two really good conference days and an unforgettable memory.

The city for ERPUG 2017 and the five year anniversery, will be the Spanish capitol, Madrid. The venue for the event is not decided yet. We working on it and hope that we can give all information druring January. Book the dates in your claender and we will come back to you shortly with more details.

Best regards

Leif and Roger




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