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ERPUG 2021 Presentations from Vienna, Austria
Another successful conference has come to its end. The eighth ERPUG conference was held in Vienna, Austria, November 10-12. 100 people from 23 countries participated this year.
Most of the presentations are available below.
1 10 nov 1420_Asset management Alfred Weninger Dighton, AUT
2 10 nov 1440_Long-term effects of an underfunded road maintenance budget Kristin Eklöf, SE
3 10 nov 1500_Investigation on surface characteristics in different countries Josef Stryk CDV, CZ
4 10 nov 1520_Using AI in pavement management ViaTech experiences_public Henri Guidici Viatech, NO
5 10 nov 1620_Prediction interval for average rut depth over longer section Olle Eriksson VTI, SE
6 10 nov 1640_Implementation process of waveband analysis Natasja RingsingNielsen, DRD, DK
7 10 nov 1700_Activities in ISO-WG-39 pavement texture Thomas Lundberg VTI, SE
8 10 nov 1720_Virginia pavement friction management program Edgar de Leon Izeppi VTTI, US
9 11 nov 0900_Approaches in 3D texture measurement Reinhard Wehr AIT, AUT
10 11 nov 0940_EyeVi Empower infrastructure digitalization Gaspar Anton, EyeVi, EST
11 11 nov 1100_Mobil mapping system Harald Teufledsbauer, Reigl, AUT
12 11 nov 1120_XenoTrack a new way to road scanning Karsten Bronkowski, Xenomatix, AUT
13 11 nov 1140_FuelSave Christian Stjernquist, Ramboll, SE
1411 nov 1320 ETL (extract-transform-load) application for TSD data processing Adam Zofka, Ibdim, PL
15 11 nov 1340_Classifying degraded road markings using neural nets and mobile retroreflectometer John Clark, RetroTek
16 11 nov 1400_The current dutch pavement monitoring system Willem van Aalst, TNO, NL
17 11 nov 1420_From human to automated distress detection Iacopo Malquori, KIWA, NL
18 11 nov 1600_Cycle paths condition and related research activities at VTI Maria Mäkitalo, VTI,SE
19 11 nov 1640_Current developments in structural and surface assessment on UK road network Alex Wright, TRL, UK
20 12 nov 0900_Realting dynamic truck wheel loads to longitudinal evenness evaluation Roland Spielhofer, AIT, AUT
21 12 nov 0920_Bearing capacity assessment on a network level using Raptor Martin Wiström, Ramboll, SE
22 12 nov 0940_Comprehensive road infrastructure using the iPave Bjarne Schmidt, ARRB Systems, SE
23 12 nov 1040-Connected vehicle data- reinventing road monitoring Björn Zachrisson, NIRA, SE
24 12 nov 1100_LiRA project towards the future of pavement survey Matteo Pettinari, DRD, DK

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