ERPUG 2013 presentations from Copenhagen, Denmark
The first ERPUG conference was held at the headquarter of Ramboll in the beautiful capital of Denmark, Copenhagen. There were 65 people from 12 countries that gathered for two days and laid the foundation for the upcoming conferences.

1 Implementing an open, competitive, quality assured network survey contract in the UK Alex Wrigth, TRL
2 Quality, technology and price development for road profiling a reflection Peter Ekdahl, Ramboll
3 An entrepreneurs experience; investing in a profilometer Jonas Ekblad, NCC
4 Handling CO2 emission in Asset Management through measurement and modeling of rolling resistance Bjarne Schmidt, DRD
5 ROSANNE, Rolling resistance, skid resistance, and noise emission measurement standards for road surfaces Roland Spielhofer, AIT
6 TRIMM, Tomorrow´s road infrastructure monitoring and management Alex Wrigth, TRL
7 The importance of meeting the user perspective concerning road data Thomas Wahlman, Ramboll
8 Past and present work in ISO for standardising measurement of road surface characteristics Ulf Sandberg, VTI
9 Laser Scanner Technique in Road Condition Monitoring and Problem Diagnostics Pekka Maijala, Roadscanners
10 Laser scanning technology for pavement monitoring A new approach Alexander Reiterer, Fraunhofer
11 3D transverse laser road profiling for the automated measurement of road surface conditions (cracking, texture, raveling) John Laurents, Pavemetrics
12 AMAC® More than a Road Profiler Luc Amaury George, Vectra
13 Measuring and Evaluating Evenness of Roads and Constructionsin 3D with Mobile Mapping Systems Dirk Ebersbach, LEHMANN+Partner
14 TRACS3 Advancing Traffic Speed Surveys in the UK Simon Topp, Manish Jethwa Yotta DCL
15 Pavement testing and performance analyses Alessandro Marradi, Dynatest
16 Using profile data for supporting asset management decisions Gerardo Flintsch, VTTI
17 Different methods of collecting transverse profiles and calculating rut values Damion Orsi, Fugro
18 WLP Weighted longitudinal profile Roland Spielhofer, AIT
19 Increased usage of collected information in an online PMS tool in Sweden Mats Wendel, STA
20 An experienced entrepreneur and his recommendations Roger Oberholzer, Ramboll
21 Conclusions Leif Sjögren, VTI

ERPUG 2013 photos

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