ERPUG 2014 prese
ntations from Brussels, Belgium
The second ERPUG conference was a cooperation with the final presentation of the TRIMM project.
It was 139 people from 22 countries.

1 Needs; Road Administrations view Steve Phillips, CEDR, UK
2 Applied usage; needs and condition data in Sweden Mats Wendel, STA, SE
3 The TRIMM project Robert Karlsson, VTI, SE
4 Entrepreneurial concept - support all the way Peter Ekdahl, Ramböll, SE
5 HiSpeq, Hi-speed survey Specification, Explanation and Quality Alex Wright, TRL, UK
6 New optimisation methods for pavement data Mikkel Bruun, AgileAssets, DK
7 The Use of Condition Data and Indicators in Bridge Maintenance Willy Peelen, TNO, NL
8 Cost-benefit analysis and condition indicators Wim Courage, TNO, NL
9 Road Management technologies in Japan Katsuya Aoki, PASCO, JAP
10 3D Road Measurement Indicators Dieter Gabriel, Lehmann + Partner, GE
11 Monitoring of cracking /fretting Alex Wright, TRL, UK
12 Laser scanner and GPR in monitoring impacts of heavy trucks on asphalt pavementss Timo Saarenketo, Roadscanners, FI
13 Identification of water ponding Malal Kane, IFSTTAR, FR
14 Creation of 3D surfaces from longitudinal and transversal profile data Olle Eriksson, VTI, SE
15 Fleet monitoring of road comfort Carl Van Geem, BRRC, BE
16 Assessment of layer thickness at traffic speed using coreless GPR Maria Lurdes de Antunes, LNEC, FR
17 Traffic speed structural condition monitoring Dean Wright, TRL, UK
18 Combining pavement data collection methodologies using the TSD as a platforms Garry Warren, ARRB, AU
19 Assessing Pavement Rolling Resistance by FWDTime History Evaluation Anders Lenngren, Lund University, SE
20 3D sensors for texture evaluation John Laurent, Pavemetrics, CA
21 Spike removal method for laser macrotexture measurements Edgar de León Izeppi, VTTI, US
22 The new MPD standard ISO 13473-1 -Improvements and how it works Ulf Sandberg, VTI, SE
23 Image based bridge inspection Stuart McRobbie, TRL, UK
24 Use of Monitoring Techniques in Bridge Condition Assessment Marian Ralbovsky, AIT, AUT
25 Monitoring of bridge response to traffic loading Aljoša Šajna & Žnidaric, ZAG, Sl
26 Monitoring of corrosion deterioration Mirjam Bajt Leban, ZAG, Sl

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