ERPUG 2015 Presentations from Budapest, Hungary
The third ERPUG conference had 86 participants from 21 countries.

1 History of Road Profile Measurements and Current Standards in Road Surface Characteristics Leif Sjögren, VTI, SE
2 HiSpeq, Specifications and Requirements in Road Surface Measurements Alex Wright, TRL, UK
3 ProVAL – a Longitudinal Profile Analysis Tool and Its Historical Development with Smoothness Specifications George Chang, Transtec, US
4 Introduction of Pavement Management and Monitoring Technologies in Japan Dr. Chikakuni Maeda, Pasco, JAP
5 Possible use of RST road surface data in Hungary Gábor Major, T7, HU
6 Road Monitoring and Assessment in Germany – an overview Tanja Altemeier, Bast, DE
7 News from LEHMAN + Partner Alexander Bock, Lehman + Partner, DE
8 Runway Pavement Roughness Considering Pavement Surface Drainage and Boeing Bump Index (Roughness Index) Injun Song, SRA, US
9 Challenges for Correlating Aircraft Simulator Results with ISO Indicies Albert Larkin, SRA, US
10 Tunnel and Side Area Scanning with ViaPPS Hårvard Farstad, Viatech, NO
11 News from RAMBÖLL Peter Ekdahl, Ramboll, SE
12 Macro and Micro Texture Performance of Cement Concrete Pavement Surfaces Bencze Zsolt, KTI, HU
13 MPD/IRI Transverse Position Thomas Lundberg, VTI, SE
14 MPD/IRI Transverse Position Olle Eriksson, VTI, SE
15 Automated Ravelling Inspection and Maintenance Planning on Porous Asphalt in the Netherlands and its Future plan P. Schackmann, P. Paffen, RWS/TNO, NL
16 Using 3D transverse profiles and IMUs to measure road geometry and t o generate high-resolution DTM models of pavement surfaces John Laurent, Pavemetrics, CA
17 Results from the project Rosanne, rolling resistance, road noise and friction measurements Roland Spielhofer, AIT, AUT
18 25-year pavement surface monitoring of 60 trial sections László GÁSPÁR, KTI, HU
19 Emerging Technologies from the Other Side of the Pond Lauren Tran, Pathway Services, US
20 News from VIAGROUP Alfred Weninger, ViaGroup, AUT
21 Road Doctor Survey Van and Pavement Diagnostics Jan Filipovsky, Roadscanners, FI
22 Thermal imaging and compaction Peter Ekdahl, Ramboll, SE

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